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How Implants Compare to Natural Teeth

A primary objective in dentistry is to foster long-term oral health. If we were to describe complete success at this, we would definitely include the preservation of natural tooth structure. Tooth loss is an event we’d like to avoid whenever we can. According to research, we have a good chance at this. In our office,… Read More »

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Maintaining Porcelain Veneers for Long-Term Benefit

There has always been a lot of value in cosmetic dentistry. Patients who choose to invest in their smiles typically do not second-guess their decision. Once they have the radiant, straight, and perfect teeth they have imagined, there is no looking back. Many years ago, the primary form of cosmetic dentistry was tooth replacement with… Read More »

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Oral Care for the Older Adult

To be referred to as an “older adult” or “senior” may have, at one point, incited a bit of stress. At the very least, to recognize inclusion in the aging population may feel somewhat unpleasant. Of course, aging has increasingly become something we can enjoy. We’ve got ways to diminish the cosmetic signs of aging,… Read More »

These are the Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

We have come a long, long way since the early development of tooth replacement treatments. The awareness of such treatments usually leads us to think about dentures and dental implants when, in fact, humans have been trying to figure out this tooth replacement thing for hundreds of years. Everything from shells to human teeth and… Read More »

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Have you Forgotten about Your Smile?

Life has a way of keeping us busy. Often, we are far busier than we would like to be. As we go through the years of forming careers, building businesses, and raising families, we can easily forget about something as trivial as the appearance of our teeth. What is interesting is that many young people… Read More »

The Road to Dental Pain Runs Through Sensitivity

We rarely think of life situations occurring and instantaneously turning serious. However, when it comes to pain anywhere in the body, from immobilizing back pain to that distracting toothache, there is often the expression that pain has come on “out of the blue.” This is almost never the case. When the issue at hand is… Read More »

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A Better Smile is Within Reach

Your smile is one of the most significant characteristics of your face. It is what leaves a lasting impression – or not. By now, most of us realize the power of an attractive, healthy smile. Instinctively, we shield our smile if we aren’t completely confident in the condition of our teeth. If you can relate… Read More »