Clyde Dental Hygiene

Clean, Polished, and Healthy Asheville Smiles

John Highsmith, DDS in Clyde, NC

You work hard. You play hard. So it stands to reason that you might feel a little too busy or tired to keep up with your professional dental cleanings in Asheville – much less brush and floss the way you should at home. Sometimes you fall asleep on the couch at night or rush off to the office without a full two-minute dental routine in the morning. Other times, it just seems like a terrible chore to even think about scheduling a visit with your dentist. And what’s the big deal anyway? Sure, brushing keeps your breath nice and flossing gets rid of the pesky bits of food that become stuck between your teeth. And yes, you do love that fresh and bright feeling you get after a hygiene visit, but is missing a few appointments so terrible?

Actually, it might be pretty dangerous to miss Asheville dental appointments. And not just for your smile, for your overall health as well!

I’m Careful About Home Hygiene – Do I Still Need Regular Cleanings?

Even those who keep a strict brushing and flossing routine at home (brushing each quadrant for at least 30 seconds, flossing thoroughly, and following it all up with an antibacterial rinse) can’t reach and clean every part of their dentin the way they need to. Because of that, bacteria build-up, little by little, until infection takes hold under, around, and in your gums. And it can happen without any noticeable symptoms. It’s the beginning of gum disease, a condition that affects much more than just your smile. Gum disease, sometimes referred to as periodontal disease, can have lasting effects on your body as well – and all without symptoms much more remarkable than minor bleeding and gum redness.

Drs. Highsmith and Jernigan have carefully hand-picked his Clyde dental hygiene team for their skill, efficiency, and gentle touch. Plus, our office is designed to feel more like a retreat than a clinic. That means, no matter how busy you are or how much you dislike dental visits, you might actually look forward to your dental cleanings in Asheville and Clyde. Come on in and relax. We’ll help you feel refreshed, renewed, and healthier than ever before.
John Highsmith, DDS

What Happens When I See the Hygienist?

Your dental hygiene visit in Asheville is much more than “just a cleaning!” Here is a sample of the benefits of spending time with our skilled dental hygienists.

  • Oral Cancer Screening (did you know that 3% of all cancers are oral cancer? In any cancer, early detection is crucial to successful treatment.)
  • Update your medical history. Some medications and conditions do affect your oral health!
  • Periodontal charting. This measures your gum pockets and makes sure they are sitting firmly against your teeth.
  • Evaluation of restorations (fillings, crowns, bridges) in your mouth. Are there any urgent or long-term dental problems? We can now use laser diagnosis to tell if some area needs filling or not.
  • Discussion of cosmetic concerns you may have. This is a great time to explore enhancing your smile!
  • Home-dental-care instruction. How can you keep your teeth as healthy as possible? The hygienist is your coach in showing you how to care for your own mouth. As one dentist told us, “If you keep your teeth as clean as you keep your silverware, you won’t need us for major repairs!”
  • Dietary advice. You would be amazed at what people don’t know about how what they eat affects their teeth.
  • Fluoride dental treatments to strengthen teeth and prevent decay.
  • Taking any necessary x-rays to diagnose hidden problems.
  • Applying any needed sealants to prevent decay.
  • And, oh yes, we also clean, polish, and floss your teeth! This visit, an oral prophylaxis, is mostly to prevent periodontal disease as well as brighten your smile. If periodontal disease is diagnosed, other forms of treatment are needed.

You’ll leave with teeth that feel great and the knowledge that you are healthier and safer overall than when you came in! It’s the easiest, most informative, and most relaxing dental cleaning in Asheville you could ever imagine!