Asheville Sedation Dentistry

Relax and Float Through Any Procedure

John Highsmith, DDS in Clyde, NC

Nervous about dentistry? Not anymore! Your sedation dentist in Asheville, John Highsmith, DDSand Sylvia Jernigan, DDS, have you covered! We really understand what it is like to suffer from anxiety about dental visits and even dental phobias. It’s not unusual.

Lots of folks deal with varying levels of dental phobias, usually arising from unpleasant dental experiences in the past. Dental techniques in earlier years were not nearly as painless as modern dentistry. Unfortunately, the knowledge that current visits can be quite comfortable doesn’t always alleviate the emotional “post-traumatic stress syndrome” that affects many patients. Now nervous or phobic patients can rejoice–and relax–knowing that they can count on the top sedation dentist in Clyde to keep them completely comfortable, relaxed, and safe during any dental procedure.

How Dental Anxiety Affects Your Well-Being

It’s been a while since your last dental checkup and cleaning. You even have a toothache and your gums have started bleeding a little when you floss. You know you need to call your dentist, but even picking up the phone to schedule an appointment feels nerve-wracking. Your sedation dentist in Asheville takes this fear very seriously. The reality is, avoiding even regular check-ups and cleanings can have a profound effect on your health in the long run.

  • Gum disease can lead to major health issues like heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and much more
  • Oral cancer can be present with few if any noticeable symptoms
  • Cavities or other tooth infections can lead to tooth loss, TMJ disorder, jaw-bone resorption, abscesses, and whole-body inflammation
  • Imbalance in your bite or tooth wear can lead to sleep apnea, headaches, neck pain, and other TMJ issues

Just give us a call. We will never judge, scold, or question you. Instead, we will talk you through your fears, get you soothed and comfortable, and offer whatever level of sedation dentistry you need–even for cleanings and exams if necessary. It’s Asheville sedation dentistry at its finest.
John Highsmith, DDS

Getting You Comfortable

Because we care about all of our patients and want them to experience dentistry that feels more like a vacation than a chore, we have designed our office to be tranquil, beautiful, and homey. We offer comfort amenities like weighted blankets and neck pillows to ease your body. Our staff is handpicked for their compassion, gentle touch, and skill. And we always take plenty of time to talk you through every step of procedures and answer all your questions. What more could you ask for from a sedation dentist in Asheville?

How about this? We also offer first-class technology for added comfort such as:

  • Painless injections with the Wand
  • NuCalm®, a revolutionary, non-prescription method that calms your nervous system, releases anxiety, and makes you feel great

Still, for some, these techniques are just not enough. If you are one of these patients, relax. We can prescribe an oral sedative, or bring in an anesthesiologist for IV sedation, to help you get the dental care you need and want. While neither of these techniques put our Asheville sedation patients completely to sleep, you will be very relaxed and, often, won’t remember much of your visit.

Sedation also helps the time pass very quickly; many patients comment on how fast the appointment seemed for them. Most sedated individuals take a nap when they get home. You will also need to have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

Am I A Candidate For Oral Sedation?

Your sedation dentist in Asheville is very conscious of your needs. A review of your medical history is essential.

You may either take the medication dose an hour before your appointment (and have someone drive you), or you may drive yourself and arrive an hour prior to your appointment time and take the medication or have the IV sedation administered in the office. Either way, you will need someone to drive you home, and you may not drive for 24 hours.


Want to experience the calming and soothing effects of sedation dentistry in Asheville–without a single side effect or the need for a driver? Ask us about NuCalm!

NuCalm is neuroscience technology at its simple best–it stops the cascade of hormones the body releases during anxiety, stress or fear by naturally mimicking the deep relaxation you experience while falling asleep. And that’s great news because your body is unable to have a stress response while falling into the early stages of sleep!

  • The process starts with pleasant-tasting chewable tablets containing the nootropics L-Theanine and Gaba to immediately create a natural relaxation response
  • The next step involves painless and soothing microstimulation. FDA-approved and research-proven patches are applied below each ear to assists the relaxation response
  • We then place noise-canceling headphones over your ears to deliver a proprietary neuro acoustic pattern designed to facilitate deep relaxation
  • If you want, we can give you a weighted blanket and neck pillow to really get you settled in and cozy. We also use a light-blocking eye-mask to stop visual stimuli and take you into the deepest state of relaxation possible

Many patients say they love the gentle nap and that they feel much more refreshed and revitalized than before their treatment! Now that’s Asheville sedation dentistry everyone can count on!

NuCalm is so effective at offering refreshing relaxation and rejuvenation, it has been used by sports trainers, high-powered professionals, therapists, and wellness providers.

Over 700,000 dental patients have experienced the wonderful effects of NuCalm–98% of those patients say they would recommend it to their family members! Please visit http://www.nucalm.com for more information.

The Wand®

Often, the primary anxiety related to dental phobias and fears has to do with a fear of needles. We get it. Shots can hurt–and the administration of Novocain can be especially tricky. That’s why we have invested in the Wand, a computer activated, precision metered, local anesthetic injection system that lets us consistently administer virtually painless injections. Not only are our own patients amazed at how much easier it is to get numb with the Wand, but it has also been extensively tested by over 300 dentists on over 5,000 patients across the country. Imagine–numbing shots without the pinch or sting of a needle! Some patients realize that without the fear of needles, they don’t need sedation dentistry in Asheville after all!