If you put a million dollars in my hand and asked to take my implants back, I’d tell you to keep the money.
– M.N.

I had wanted some cosmetic dentistry on my anterior teeth but was hesitant because the only significant dental experience I have had was done by my husband. He did 16 gold crowns and several gold inlays and onlays on me in 1969, when he was a dental student and I was his patient patient!

That work served me well for over 35 years, but now I was interested in replacing some anterior composite fillings and getting rid of the gold on the bicuspid teeth that showed when I smiled. I knew that Dr. Highsmith would be able to do the best work available for cosmetic dentistry and had full trust in his ability to create a natural look.

I wanted a bright smile but not too white, and not too noticeable a change, as I am a conservative person. I am very pleased with the results and have received many favorable comments from friends and family—and my husband! He too is quite pleased with the outcome.
– B.B.

From the first time I entered Dr. Highsmith’s office, I knew that my experience would be unlike any I had ever had before. The entire staff is so caring and professional. I really felt like someone special.

I had never really been entirely happy with their appearance of my teeth, and they were really showing signs of wear and age. Dr. Highsmith was very careful to address all my concerns about my teeth in their present condition. Once the decision was made to go forward with an entire restoration, the process was very exciting. Dr. Highsmith and his staff were so good about keeping me informed about my progress and they were very interested in how I was feeling during each phase of the process. They addressed every concern I had regarding my fear of extensive dental work, and reassured me every step of the way.

Now that the restoration is done, I couldn’t be happier with the results. I have received many compliments about how my teeth look, and I feel much more confident about my smile. I attended my 40th high school class reunion this past summer, and I really felt and looked much younger than most of my classmates.

Thanks Dr. Highsmith and staff for a job very well done!
– H.M.

My parents took me to the dentist every six months as a kid, and it seemed I always had cavities or needed fillings. The filling material used back then was the “black mercury” kind, and with my “toothy” smile, those fillings really showed. In my early twenties, one of my front teeth started turning dark. After a root canal in the tooth, I went to a “prominent” dentist in Asheville to have a final crown placed. The new crown was a very white one (a Chiclet lookalike) with a silver rim that showed at my gumline. I stopped being the “Ipana toothpaste girl,” and did not smile as much. It was very embarrassing.

I was working for Dr. Nabors when Dr. Highsmith joined the practice in 1985. Dr. Nabors had replaced the “Chiclet” and put porcelain veneers on my front teeth—they were beautiful. I left dentistry and after 16 years in management in the real estate profession, Dr. Highsmith persuaded me to return to dentistry. Techniques and technology had changed so much! My wide, toothy smile was healthy, but the darkest of the team members’! Dr. Highsmith replaced the older veneers and gave me a gorgeous smile! I met my husband Jim on Match.com (Dr. Highsmith even took my photograph for me to use), and the first thing Jim noticed was my beautiful smile. Dr. Highsmith has recently completed Jim’s smile makeover, and we now look like a commercial for beautiful, healthy teeth! We are so happy to show them off—thanks to Dr. Highsmith.
– J.B.

Bling! I don’t hesitate to smile anymore. I grin, I smile, I laugh. And I don’t worry about how my teeth look. I know how they look—they look great! This after a lifetime of hiding my smile. As a teenager I needed braces but didn’t get them, My canine teeth were both twisted—they looked like fangs. Later I had bridges to fix that. But the bridges and the crowns still had problems. The proportions weren’t right, the color match wasn’t good. The upper teeth were BIG and the lower teeth were small. When I met my bridge partner Jane, she knew Dr. Highsmith would be able to put things right. Because of her persuasiveness and his reputation, I went ahead with the work. I am so pleased now. No more hesitation for me. Those days are over!
– J.B.

I learned how to smile and talk with my upper lip stiff because I didn’t have the best front teeth; it was my dirty little secret. Anyone who knew me then and knows me now can tell you that it is not my personality by any means. I like to laugh and make people laugh, and I like to talk, a lot. I never really knew how big a part having a “pretty smile” would play into my self-confidence.

For reasons I cannot fully comprehend, I was given the chance to change the one thing I didn’t like about myself, and the only hard problem about it was choosing a dentist. And I hated dentists. But there was an article in the Asheville Citizen-Times for a dental office in Clyde, NC for a guy named John Highsmith. So, again for reasons I cannot comprehend, I decided to give him a chance. It was one of the longest 45-minute drives of my life.

Fortunately, I was wrong. Even pulling up into the parking lot, the ambience was serene. Stepping into the waiting room, I felt comfortable. It wasn’t like other doctor’s offices, where the waiting room was cold, uncomfortable, and the receptionists normally hide behind a piece of glass, like at a gas station in a bad neighborhood. I explained to the dental hygienist and Dr. Highsmith that I didn’t like dentists and I was known to bite. Even with the threat of being bitten by a 21-year old guy, the staff and Dr. Highsmith made me feel comfortable and relaxed. They taught me how to take care of my gums and teeth, and never once made me feel bad about the condition my teeth were in.

What Dr. Highsmith has done for me, I don’t think he could ever fully comprehend, but I thank him. After I got my new teeth, it was literally the talk of the town. People I hadn’t seen in a while either knew about the new teeth, or commented about them within the first five minutes of talking with me. Even my boss and co-workers from previous jobs knew and were excited to see my new smile. Because like I had said before, that is my personality: laughing, smiling, and making those around me smile.

I finally had the confidence in myself to succeed further in life, and I entered into the Nursing Program at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, where I passed with the highest GPA in the class.

Dr. Highsmith has given me a second chance at having self-confidence and a great deal of pride in myself. For that I am truly grateful and forever indebted to him. I consider Dr. Highsmith and his staff a part of my family. A family I only see every six months (hopefully), but a family nonetheless.
– J.B.

Losing my teeth was one of the most traumatic things that could ever happen to me. I tried dentures with a lower partial. As a matter of fact, I tried three sets of dentures. I’d never been so miserable– couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep, just plain miserable.

I considered implants, but was hesitant because of the time involved and the cost. After reconsidering, I decided I would never be happy the way things were, so Dr. Highsmith placed implants on the top and a new bridge on the bottom.

It’s been about five years now and I’ve never been happier. I eat anything I want and haven’t had any problems at all. It’s truly the best investment I ever made and I’ve never regretted my decision.

Dr. Highsmith has a wonderful staff, and you get the very best of care.
– M.C.

I’ve always had dull teeth. A dentist had told me that many kids in the 50’s and 60’s had taken tetracycline, which sometimes caused yellow or striped enamel. As a 1958 boomer, I figured that I had tetracycline staining, and I’d just have to live with it.

It showed the most in my wedding photos from the eighties. Back then, cosmetic dentistry hardly existed outside Hollywood for me, and it never entered my mind they could look better. My teeth had worn edges from night grinding, too. I thought I’d just have to live with it.

As Dr. Highsmith is a gifted artist and photographer, making teeth beautiful by improving upon nature was a natural progression for him. Using state-of-the-art materials, he employs his artist’s talent to fix and enhance what you have. When I understood that he could reshape my yellow, ground-down teeth into something better, I realized I didn’t have to live with it.

You know how a horse’s age is judged by how worn down his teeth are? Dr. Highsmith made sure we discussed how my teeth could look brighter but also be younger-shaped. Carefully listened to my desires and wishes, he respected my goal to avoid a super-white color. Then I knew I could live with something better!

We chose a veneer shade to complement and brighten my face. We improved not just color, but shape. These sculpted composite veneers fixed a twisted tooth, added natural-looking edges to my worn teeth, evened out the shape of the centrals, and gave me points on my eyeteeth again.

Result? I love my smile, and feel younger-looking. The veneers have taken the edge off the natural aging process. As an older mom of active kids, it’s nice to work alongside younger parents and hold my own, thanks to a great smile. An enthusiastic grin can banish tiredness, and inspire a roomful of people. Now, I can really live with that!
– S.H.

My teeth were very small due to years of grinding them, and I also had a front tooth that was crooked and being pushed out of place. My teeth were yellow, and when I smiled I showed no teeth at all, thus looking as if I was not very happy.

I went to Dr. Highsmith (who was my regular dentist) after having broken a front tooth. He told me because of the condition of my mouth and my teeth, I could expect to have more broken teeth during the rest of my life. Much of this was attributable to the dental work I had done as a child and teenager.

Dr. Highsmith did many, many tests and determined he could reshape and written my ground-down teeth into something of which I could be proud.

Because Dr.Highsmith, his staff, and his lab technicians are perfectionists, the procedure took longer than he had anticipated but he wasn’t going to be satisfied until my mouth was done the way he wanted it. He took many, many impressions and then more because they were not what he wanted. I got tired of getting a phone call to come back for another impression, but it was worth it.

Dr. Highsmith and his staff are very caring people and make you feel special. When he was working on me all of the staff would come by to see how I was doing.

My husband says I now smile and laugh. I don’t hide my teeth any longer, and I have a comfortable and confident smile. I have more confidence in myself and look younger and I don’t even mind having my picture made and am usually pleased with the picture.

I eat what I want and I have had no problems.

If you want the best dental work available as well as the most professional and caring staff, call Dr. John Highsmith’s office.
– P.P.

Dr Highsmith,
After surgery for implants I did very well. No pain and no problems with it. I had no problems with eating and I was able to continue my regular working schedule, the procedure was much easier than a root canal. I experienced no soreness from the first day at all. I would recommend this procedure for anyone.
– K.M.