Oral Sedation Dentistry


Many people have dental phobias, usually arising from unpleasant dental experiences in the past. Dental techniques in earlier years were not nearly as painless as modern dentistry. Still, the knowledge that current visits can be quite comfortable does not alleviate the emotional “post-traumatic stress syndrome” that affects many patients.

We make visits comfortable for you in many ways. Painless injection technique, stereo headphones, television on the ceiling with headphones, and talking people through a procedure are all very helpful.

Still, for some these techniques are not enough. For these patients we can prescribe an oral sedative to help them get the dental care they need and want. While this technique does not put the patient to sleep, patients are very relaxed and often don’t remember much of their visit. It also helps the time pass very quickly; many patients comment on how fast the appointment seemed for them. Most sedated individuals take a nap when they get home. When they wake up, they generally remember only a small part of the procedure.

Am I a Candidate for Oral Sedation?

Our review of your medical history is essential. Patients with severe emphysema or sleep apnea may not be candidates for oral sedation. Extremely obese patients are also at high risk.

You may either take the medication dose an hour before your appointment (and have someone drive you), or you may drive yourself and arrive an hour prior to your appointment time and take the medication in the office. Either way, you will need someone to drive you home, and you may not drive for 24 hours.

Feel free to ask us about this option for your dental care.


There is a relatively new development in reducing anxiety in the dental office. NuCalm has been developed to easily and quickly put you in a meditative state. Please visit http://www.nucalm.com for more information. We’ve used it for over a year and patients tell us it keeps them more relaxed. It’s also great for jet lag!


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