Facts on Plaque

So, what the heck is dental plaque? Well, here are the facts on plaque and how it affects your oral health.dental plaque

Plaque is a biofilm which means it is a colorless, sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth. If you have ever felt like you were wearing sweaters on your teeth then you know the fuzzy feeling that plaque causes is not a good thing.

Plaque forms when foods containing carbohydrates come in contact with our teeth. When we eat something containing carbohydrates like sugar or starch, the bacteria that live in our mouths have a party. These substances serve as food for our oral bacteria and a by-product of the bacterial feeding frenzy are acids. These acids can destroy tooth enamel leading to cavities and the plaque can also form under the gum line damaging the gums and breaking down the bone that supports the teeth.

Preventing plaque means keeping up with your oral hygiene. You have to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Flossing is not optional, to keep bacteria in check you must floss at least once a day between all teeth. Professional dental cleanings need to be scheduled every six months (more often if you have gum disease).

Eating a healthy diet and limiting snacking can also help keep plaque from taking over your teeth. Raw vegetables, yogurt, cheese and fruit are all healthy choices that also great for your smile.

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