3 Foods to Help You Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

If you suffer from surface stains on your teeth due to things like black tea and coffee, you are certainly not alone. And although over-the-counter and in-office whitening treatments are proven to be effective in whitening your teeth, did you know that you can help to get rid of small surface stains by consuming certain foods? Unfortunately, eating chocolate milkshakes and burgers will not do the trick, but the following foods will help.


dental healthAn apple a day keeps the doctor–er dentist— away. Did you know that by eating an apple a day, you can help to naturally whiten your teeth. Think about it: every time you bite into an apple, the apple itself works to wipe away any tartar, plaque, or bacteria that may have accumulated on your teeth. Plus, apple’s work to speed up the production of saliva in your mouth which is your body’s natural defense against cavities. Don’t believe? Try it for yourself— you won’t be disappointed.


This red berry might surprise most people to hear that it contains whitening capabilities as well. Biting into a strawberry (even with those black seeds) will also help to whiten your teeth, similarly to apples. Also containing malic acid, strawberries work to break down plaque and tartar build-up caused by eating certain foods or consuming certain beverages.


Eating yogurt isn’t just a great way to help aid in your digestive track, but it’s also a great way to help whiten your teeth as well. The protein in yogurt can help to build up the strength of your teeth and can also help to whiten them. However, when looking for a yogurt to help with whitening your teeth, look for one that is low in sugars and that doesn’t have any sort of added dyes.

As you can see, there are some naturally effective ways to whiten your teeth and brighten your smile. From apples to yogurt, consuming these foods a few times a week will help you to get rid of those nasty surface stains. To learn more about how you can whiten your teeth, contact John Highsmith’s office today!



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