Chronic Headaches? It may be your Bite that’s to Blame.

TMJAn occasional headache can be a minor nuisance. When head and neck pain occur frequently, the problem can become overwhelming. When you are in pain, it is difficult to really engage in the moment. This is true whether you are trying to focus on a work project or watch little Johnny play soccer. The issue with chronic headaches is that the frustration of having them may be exacerbated by the stress of trying to find a solution that actually stops them from occurring. Many treatment options for headaches, even migraines, only relieve symptoms. A specifically trained dentist like Dr. Highsmith recognizes there could be something more.

Patients of our Clyde, NC dental practice appreciate receiving care from one of the few accredited cosmetic dentists in our area. The fact that Dr. Highsmith is such a highly trained cosmetic dentist does not limit his skill to this niche. He has also received extensive training from LVI, the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Education, for the treatment of TMJ disorder.

TMJ disorder can be a challenge for any patient or dentist who is not familiar with the complex structure of the jaw. Of course, we would not expect a patient to have a background in maxillofacial anatomy! In fact, we understand that most people who are suffering from TMJ disorder are not even aware of what may be causing their uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, Dr. Highsmith has the necessary training and experience to identify the source of pain. More importantly, he has been educated in neuromuscular dentistry, which facilitates optimal outcomes for our patients.

Finding Relief
Relief that comes from a bottle is only temporary. To resolve chronic head, neck, and jaw pain takes more. It take a valuable tool like neuromuscular dentistry. This practice goes beyond manual examination and seeks to recreate the most relaxed, most natural position of the jaw using proven technologies. Additionally, TMJ disorder may be associated with malocclusion, poorly fitting dental restorations, or other conditions, which also need to be addressed in order to restore comfort.

Chronic headaches are a real pain. If you want to explore the link between your headaches and your mouth, give our office a call at (828) 627-9282.

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