Oh, Coffee! Why Must you be so Hard on our Teeth?

teeth whitening treatmentIf you’re a coffee addict, you probably couldn’t imagine ending your love affair with this wildly aromatic, exotic, steamy beverage. We have all seen those quotes “Everything looks better with coffee.” “Good ideas start with great coffee.” You get it. WE get it! As experienced dental professionals, we also know that there is a good amount of damage that can be done by an avid coffee habit. Are we saying to give it up? Oh, goodness, no. We would lose most of our patients if we practiced that way. What we are saying is that knowledge is power.

Let’s Dig up the Dirt on Those Beans
Really, the dirt on coffee is that it’s, well, dirty! Actually, it’s wonderfully comforting and fulfilling. But as it pertains to your teeth, stains. It’s really that simple. This stems from the higher levels of tannins that are present in the average Cup o’ Joe. Beyond tannins, coffee can also be acidic, which can also affect the color of teeth. It isn’t that the acid in coffee stains, but that it can cause enamel to wear down faster than it may otherwise. With minimal enamel to cover dentin, teeth can become more yellow. As potentially dangerous as acidity is to the teeth, it can be equally concerning in terms of gum health.

Washing it Away
We can’t wish away the risks of a daily coffee habit. However, the more you know about what that cup could be doing, the better you can arm yourself against those risks. The good news about decreasing the risks of your coffee habit is that it’s easy.

  • Drink, don’t sip. Of course coffee is meant to be sipped. However, a cup need not last you the entire morning. In fact, once you have finished your first cup, it is a good idea to give it a rest for awhile. Sipping on cup after cup throughout the morning leaves very little time for teeth to recover, or for debris from your drink to dissipate.
  • Rinse and water. A great way to dilute the acidity, and the tannins, of coffee is to sip water along with, or after, each cup. Rinsing the mouth reinstates a healthier pH balance, and it can also wash away much of the stain-causing substance that would otherwise linger.

Want a dazzling smile and your beloved coffee? You can enjoy both! Schedule a cleaning and teeth whitening treatment in our Clyde, NC office.

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