Do You Know How to Keep Your Smile Bright?

Teeth Whitening Clyde, NCWe have a thing for great smiles. Not just here in our dental office, but as a society. Humans have a natural tendency to admire beauty without even fully realizing it. When it comes to the smile, this means the eye looks for symmetry and brightness. Studies have demonstrated not only our love for radiantly white teeth but also the power of a brilliant smile. You may be well aware of this so we won’t spend time discussing it. What we will discuss are the ways you can keep your smile gorgeous.

What’s your baseline?

There are numerous tips for keeping teeth shiny and white. However, no suggestion for management is sufficient unless you are at a baseline of radiance that is acceptable to you. Therefore, our very first tip for any person who wants to feel great in their smile is to visit our Clyde office to consult with Dr. Highsmith about professional teeth whitening. This initial step removes years of accumulated discoloration and sets your baseline shade of white, the one you will then proceed to manage with reasonable care.

What Intent has to do with Your Smile

Intent is the basis for all change. If you have decided to have your teeth whitened, you began by realizing your intention to have a better smile. This same intention can drive the habits that you keep after your teeth whitening treatment.

Some of the best ways to keep your beaming at its new baseline radiance include:

  • Daily oral care. Did you know that cosmetic dental treatment is often the catalyst that leads us to take better care of our teeth? After you’ve achieved the beauty you have desired, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. Your intention, then, may turn to brushing and flossing every day without fail. You may even add in a weekly or monthly whitening touch up using an appropriate commercial product or whitening gel from our office.
  • Daily dietary mindfulness. We are often told that teeth become stained because of what we eat. This is true. However, we cannot avoid any and all foods that cause discoloration. In place of that, we suggest that patients develop the habit of rinsing their mouth with water after they eat or drink anything besides water. A quick swish dilutes residue that can cause erosion (which causes discoloration) and washes away particles that can settle in enamel.

Getting a great smile isn’t complicated. We’re here to help. Call your Clyde, NC cosmetic dentist at (828) 627-9282.

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