Is Teeth Whitening Right for You?

Discoloration is one of the most common problems for adults, and one that may seem easy to resolve. However, there is more to teeth whitening than meets the eye.

All teeth whitening is not equal

Most people who want to lighten the color of their teeth can be helped with teeth whitening. One of the first stain-lifting methods that many try is an over-the-counter product such as whitening toothpaste or whitening strips. Often, the results that are achieved with this method are unsatisfactory, and we can explain why.

Store-bought teeth whitening systems are based on the same principle as professional treatment. However, in order to be considered safe for all people, commercial whitening products meet the needs of relatively few who use them. In order to reach deep-set stains, a higher concentration of bleach solution is necessary, and this is only available from your dentist. Still, teeth whitening may not be the most appropriate treatment for you.

All stains are not created equal

teeth whiteningThe good news is that 90 percent of patients see noticeable results from professional teeth whitening. But what about the other 10 percent? As an accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Highsmith is a wonderful resource for patients seeking the highest standard of care. His advanced training in the area of cosmetic dentistry allows him to discern the cause of discoloration and to devise treatment to reach the desired outcome.

Most stains originate from microscopic particles deposited into the pores of enamel. Your morning cup of coffee or evening glass of red wine or tea will eventually show up in your smile. In some instances, stains are not present just below the surface of enamel but, rather, deeper inside the tooth. Called intrinsic discoloration, deep discoloration may be the result of injury, medication use during formative years, or possibly from worn enamel. Patients with this type of staining may be better served from veneers than teeth whitening.

All dentists are not equal

A dentist that has been accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry has exhibited advanced skill, proven through hundreds of hours of education and a rigorous testing process. Dr. Highsmith is one of only a handful of North Carolina dentists to achieve this accreditation.

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