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Is Oil Pulling Fad Good For Your Smile?

When I first started seeing articles about “oil pulling” a few weeks ago I didn’t have any idea what it was. Supposedly certain celebrities were doing it and swore up and down that it really helped them. But helped with what? Now I have found out that “oil pulling” is basically swishing oil around in… Read More »

Diabetes and Dental Disease

Diabetes is a complex disease and one area where we see the affects is in the teeth and gums. Dental disease and diabetes often go hand in hand. Diabetes and gum disease are a two-way street. Diabetes makes it more likely that you will develop gum disease and, having gum disease means it is harder… Read More »

Why Does My Tongue Look Weird?

The tongue is pretty amazing. It is made up of muscles that allow us to taste food, talk and swallow. A healthy tongue is a nice pink color, but what if your tongue looks weird? The tongue is in constant use so it can be very irritating and uncomfortable when something is wrong. Remember the… Read More »

Bacteria in 1,000 Year Old Plaque Same As Today

File this one under – yuck! Researchers looked at 1,000 year old dental plaque and found the bacteria it harbored was essentially the same as modern day oral bacteria! Dr. Christina Warinner from the department of anthropology of the University of Oklahoma wanted to build a detailed picture of people from the Medieval period in… Read More »

Stinky Breath? Here’s What To Do

We all get stinky breath every now and then but according to the Academy of General Dentistry, about 80 million people have chronic bad breath. Having chronic bad breath can affect self-esteem and cause much embarrassment. Avoiding bad breath means avoiding many of the causes. Some foods, when digested, are absorbed into the bloodstream and… Read More »

Keeping Lips Kissable for Valentine’s Day

Having a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day in the middle of winter isn’t great if you get chapped lips. Getting dental care with chapped lips is no picnic either, so let’s talk about ways you can avoid the chap! Chapped lips are caused by dehydration. Lips have thin surface layers of skin so they dry… Read More »

Do You Floss Too Much?

Do you floss too much? I don’t think that question has actually ever been asked! Dentists talk about the importance of flossing. Floss removes the food particles and plaque that are trapped between the teeth and below the gums where your toothbrush can’t reach. If this gunk isn’t flossed away you end up with bad… Read More »

Do You Have Gingivitis?

Do you have gingivitis? You hear the term often in those toothpaste ads on television, but do you know if you might have gingivitis? Gingivitis is simply the mildest form of gum disease so it is not a reason to panic. However, gingivitis should never be ignored. This is a warning sign that your oral… Read More »

Make A Plan For Good Oral Health

Maintaining good oral health does a lot more than keep your smile looking pretty. Oral health problems have been linked to severe health problems ranging from heart disease to diabetes to dementia. This should be good motivation to keep your mouth in good condition. The best way to get started is to make a plan… Read More »