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Protect Your Smile – Say Cheese!

Say Cheese! It will make you smile – in more ways than one. New research suggests that cheese can help prevent tooth decay. The study, published in the journal General Dentistry, found that eating cheese changed the pH balance of the mouth. The improved pH levels reduced the risk of tooth erosion, and therefore, tooth decay.… Read More »

Which is Worse for Teeth? Soda or Meth?

A recent case study published in the journal General Dentistry answers the question whether drinking soda or using meth is worse for your teeth. Since we’ve all heard of “meth mouth” you would think the answer would be obvious. The astounding answer in this case – drinking large amounts of diet soda is just as… Read More »

Modern Diet Bad in Many Ways

We keep learning more about how the modern diet we eat today is not particularly healthy. Weight gain, increased cases of heart disease and diabetes are all linked to a poor diet. Now, a study of the evolution of our teeth over the past 7,500 years has shown that our modern diet is also bad… Read More »

Is Ryan Lochte’s Grill Bad For His Teeth?

Ryan Lochte showed off his red, white and blue American flag grill at the London Olympics but is it bad for his teeth? Grills have bee popular in hip hop culture for several years and are basically a decorative cover that snaps over the teeth. According to the American Dental Association “They generally are removable… Read More »

Will Europe End Use of Dental Amalgam?

A European Commission has recommended that dental amalgam use end and be phased out over the next 5 years. Dental amalgam is made of a number of metals and includes mercury, a known neurotoxin.This commission has been tasked with reducing mercury exposure for EU citizens. Sweden banned mercury fillings a few years ago. Denmark, Finland,… Read More »

No More Cavities?

What if there were no more tooth decay? What would dentists do all day? Don’t worry we’ve got plenty to keep us busy but researchers from Yale University and the University of Chile have discovered a molecule that kills the oral bacteria responsible for tooth decay. The bacteria called Streptococcus Mutans eats sugars and turns… Read More »

US Needs To Boost Oral Health Knowledge

The American Dental Association (ADA) completed a survey that shows that adults in the US need to learn a lot more about their oral health. This survey was done in conjunction with a new website launched by the ADA, which provides information on prevention, care and treatment. ADA President, Dr. William Calnon said “Oral… Read More »

Mercury Amalgam Fillings – Not Here

Could you imagine your physician treating your illness with tools used by doctors 150 year ago?  How about if your dentist wanted to treat your cavity that way? You wouldn’t stand for it, or would you? Amalgam fillings (also called silver or mercury fillings) have been used for over 150 years.  Initially they were created… Read More »

Dental X-Rays – What You Need To Know

Many years ago people didn’t think twice about x-rays. Some shoe stores even x-rayed people’s feet as a fitting gimmick. We know a lot more now about the dangers of radiation and so we try to reduce our exposure as much as possible. A study published  this week linked frequent dental x-rays with a type… Read More »

Dental Dangers of Energy Drinks

For some people energy drinks are a quick pick-me-up, for some they may cause health problems, and for everyone they are a danger to dental enamel. Lots of us are using them. Red Bull alone sold over $2 billion worth of those little blue and silver cans in 2010. Why do energy drinks cause dental… Read More »