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Keeping Lips Kissable for Valentine’s Day

Having a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day in the middle of winter isn’t great if you get chapped lips. Getting dental care with chapped lips is no picnic either, so let’s talk about ways you can avoid the chap! Chapped lips are caused by dehydration. Lips have thin surface layers of skin so they dry… Read More »

Straighten Up! Adult Braces Popular Choice

Adult braces are becoming a very popular choice in the US. About half of all orthodontic patients are now adults – remember when braces were only spotted on teens? Adults with crooked, but healthy, teeth have discovered that taking the plunge can be life changing. Most people want to have a great smile because they… Read More »

Sugary Cereals Damage Teeth – But Got Milk?

Drinking a glass of milk after eating a sugar filled cereal may help protect your teeth. New research into just how we can enjoy our Froot Loops, and still protect against the cavities caused by all that sugar, was published in the Journal of the American Dental Association. These types of cereals are basically refined… Read More »

Olympic Levels of Bad Oral Health

We like to think that Olympic athletes are in top physical health and that they all must have world-class health care. The truth about their oral health – not so world class! The British Journal of Sports Medicine just published a study that showed that these elite athletes had levels of oral health similar to… Read More »

A Brief History of Toothpaste

The toothpaste aisle at the store seems to keep getting bigger and more confusing. Gel or paste? Whitening or sensitive formula? With mouthwash or without? We’ve come a long way since the first commercially produced toothpaste in 1873. Toothpaste sold in jars was created in the mid-1800’s and Colgate started commercial production. This toothpaste was… Read More »

Protect Your Smile – Say Cheese!

Say Cheese! It will make you smile – in more ways than one. New research suggests that cheese can help prevent tooth decay. The study, published in the journal General Dentistry, found that eating cheese changed the pH balance of the mouth. The improved pH levels reduced the risk of tooth erosion, and therefore, tooth decay.… Read More »

Sleep Apnea and Anxiety

Anxiety and sleep disorders such as sleep apnea often go hand in hand. Researchers still don’t know why, nor has it been proven that one necessarily causes the other. A University of California – Berkeley researcher said “It’s been hard to tease out whether sleep loss is simply a byproduct of anxiety, or whether sleep… Read More »

Tired? Blame Electricity

Do you feel tired? You are not alone – just look at how many energy drinks are on the market! One of the reasons we are all so tired could be our use of electricity. Using artificial light we have extended our days far beyond what our early ancestors were used to. Our internal clocks… Read More »

Cone Beam CT Helpful for Diagnosing TMD

According to a new paper in the publication Dental Clinics of North America using cone-beam CT offers advantages over traditional two dimensional x-rays for diagnosing temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) and facial pain. It is estimated that almost 50% of elderly people may experience pain in the head, neck or mouth. It is often hard to… Read More »