Healthy Gums Lead to Lower Medical Costs

We’ve all known for a long time that healthy gums are a good thing but new research shows that medical costs associated with heart disease are lower. This is a win-win, a healthier body and saving health care dollars!Asheville cosmetic dentist Dr. John Highsmith says healthy gums save health care dollars.

Treating chronic health conditions such as heart disease and stroke is a very expensive proposition. Health insurance company United Concordia did an oral health study that found that hospitalizations were reduced by 33% for diabetic patients who had their gum disease treated. The new study showed that the annual medical costs for patients with heart disease were reduced by $2,956 when they had their gum disease treated and stroke patients had their costs go down by $1,029.

Because of these findings this insurance company will be adding heart disease and stroke to its list of diseases that allow 100% coverage for periodontal surgery to treat gum disease. This program also educates consumers about gum disease.

The study also looked at pregnant women and rheumatoid arthritis and those finding will be released later.

Hopefully more and more patients and insurance companies will become aware of the importance of healthy gums in relation to other medical conditions. The inflammation caused by untreated gum disease has been linked to so many other health problems that healthy gums need to be right up there with exercise and healthy eating!

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