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Implant Supported Dentures

Why would anyone bother with implant supported dentures? Ask someone with regular dentures how happy they are with their dentures when eating, smiling and laughing and you’ll probably have your answer. Regular dentures tend to move and wearers can experience embarrassing slips. This leads denture wearers to be self conscious of themselves in social situations.… Read More »

Keeping It Clean With Braces

There are lots of great reasons to get dental braces to straighten up a crooked smile. Your self esteem rises, you smile more easily and crooked teeth are hard to clean and are more likely to develop decay. But how do you keep your smile clean while you are going through the process of wearing… Read More »

Why Do We Do X-Rays?

Have you ever wondered why the dentist is so insistent on updating your dental x-rays every couple of years? No, we don’t want x-rays as a way to pad your bill — we need these digital pictures of the teeth, bones, and surrounding soft tissues to find cavities, bone loss, and hidden dental problems and structures… Read More »

Headaches and Chewing Gum

Do you get frequent headaches? Do you chew a lot of gum? The two may be related according to a study published in the journal Pediatric Neurology. Researchers at Tel Aviv University conducted an experiment on teenagers who had a median age of 16. All of the study participants got chronic headaches. The 25 girls… Read More »

Dementia and Dental Health

Gum disease bacteria in the brain – that seems to be part of the link between dementia and dental health. Researchers in the UK looked at donated brain samples of 20 people. Ten of the samples were from people with dementia and ten were from people who did not. The researchers found the oral bacteria,… Read More »

Healthy Smile Helps You Look Younger

Once we get past a certain age we would all like to look a little younger. Did you know that keeping your smile healthy can help you with that? We think of younger people as having white, straight, beautiful smiles. As we age our teeth can become discolored, worn or crooked. The old saying “long… Read More »

Your Choice – Electric or Manual

No, I’m not talking about can openers. The choice of electric or manual toothbrushes often comes up when talking prevention with  patients. Is it better to use an electric toothbrush or a manual one? Here’s a secret – it is really your brushing technique, not the toothbrush, that makes the difference. Electric toothbrushes have been… Read More »

Weight Loss Reduces Sleep Apnea Severity

Researchers have reported that obese patients treated with certain weight-loss drugs for 28 weeks lost significant amounts of weight and saw relief from the obstructive sleep apnea. Obesity is a risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep breathing disorder which causes patients to stop breathing during sleep. A large neck size is one sign… Read More »

6 Ways A Health Smile Helps You

A healthy smile does a lot more than look pretty! A healthy smile is key to your overall well-being. Here are 6 ways that a healthy smile helps you. A healthy smile lowers your risk of heart disease. The chronic inflammation from gum disease has been associated with heart attack and stroke. Oral bacteria can… Read More »

How Fragile is Porcelain Dental Work?

When we hear the word porcelain, we usually think of very fine, fragile china. But porcelain really isn’t fragile. Think about it – toilets are made of porcelain and they last forever, floor tiles are made of porcelain and we walk on them for years. Why should porcelain dental work be any less resilient? The… Read More »