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A More Natural Way to Replace Missing Teeth

It used to be that the only choice for replacing a missing tooth or teeth was a bridge or a partial denture. While these were fine methods  they were far from natural in feel or in appearance. If you have had experience with either of these you know that your speaking and especially, your eating… Read More »

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

Almost half of all Americans report having problems sleeping.  Almost 35% of people surveyed said they slept less than seven hours per night. Getting too little sleep causes a wide range of problems including fatigue, memory loss, poor concentration which is probably why another survey showed that 23% of us had trouble concentrating because we… Read More »

Pregnancy Changes Oral Health

Hormonal changes during a woman’s reproductive years cause many changes in oral health.  Gums can become tender and inflamed in sync with fluctuating hormone levels. The most dramatic changes occur occur during pregnancy but even then symptoms can vary drastically from woman to woman. Some pregnant patients complain of experiencing dry mouth, others have excessive… Read More »

Mercury Fillings Still Being Used – Not Here!

American dentists are still placing more mercury based amalgam fillings than composite (tooth colored) fillings according to a report in the Journal of the American Dental Association. The report also showed that dental schools are still emphasizing the old-style fillings. Dr. Sonia Makhija of the University of Alabama expressed surprise at the results “I thought… Read More »

A More Natural Smile with Dental Implants

Losing a natural tooth is upsetting on many levels. Most patients worry about the best method for replacing the missing tooth or teeth and if the replacements will look and feel like “real” teeth. I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that some of the traditional methods for replacing… Read More »

Is Your Wife Sleep Deprived? Are You to Blame?

A happy wife means a happy life! While the saying is old it still holds true especially according to a recent study. It showed that when women were deprived of sleep it affected their relationships. When the men had sleep issues it didn’t seem to impact the marriage. Lets leave it to another study to… Read More »

Dr. Oz Explains Oral Cancer Risks

TV personality Dr. Mehmet Oz did a show this past week about the importance of oral cancer screening and risk factors for the disease. I was somewhat shocked when the audience members that Dr. Oz spoke to said that they didn’t remember ever having an oral cancer screening when they visited the dentist. It could… Read More »

Do You Brush At Bedtime?

A study by the British Dental Health Foundation discovered that almost half of the British population admitted to not brushing their teeth before bed on a regular basis. Eeww – talk about morning breath! Of course the bad morning breath could be the reason that 90% said they brushed their teeth every morning. We’ll try… Read More »

Moderation is the Key for a Whiter Smile

Techniques  for whitening a dingy smile go back centuries – wanting a bright, white smile is nothing new. In the 1100’s people were told to scrub their teeth with a sage and salt mixture to make them firm, white and healthy. In later years different types of acids were tried as a method of stripping… Read More »

Guys Lag Behind Ladies in Dental Health

Chalk up one more place where the women are outpacing the men – good oral health! The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) looked at the oral health and hygiene of both the sexes and reported the findings in the Journal of Periodontology. According to the study women are better at going for routine dental checkups… Read More »