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The Anatomy of a Tooth

Unless you are a dentist you probably don’t think too much about all the parts of a tooth. I thought I would give a little lesson on the anatomy of a tooth and avoiding cavities. The part of the tooth that we see is called the crown, the part we don’t see which anchors the… Read More »

Sleep Different for Men and Women

Does gender make a difference in how you sleep? According to the scientists the answer is yes, men and women really do sleep differently. Getting enough sleep is important for your health whether you are a man or a women. Scientists have been focusing on gender differences because they are looking for answers to questions… Read More »

Dental CT Scanner in Asheville Area

3-D Dental CT scan technology is available in the Asheville area. Our office is one of the very few nationwide to possess this cutting edge diagnostic technology. Why is this so important? The i-CAT Cone-Beam 3-D CT gives us the advantages of digital x-rays: Immediate images, no need to wait for developing We can enhance… Read More »

Ways You Sabotage Your Smile

There are lots of ways that people sabotage their smile. Most of you probably have done at least one of these things, maybe you have done all of them, and never thought about the damage you could be inflicting on your teeth. Here are some behaviors that can cause real problems: Teeth are not pliers,… Read More »

Afraid to Smile?

Are you one of those people who is really fun loving and joyous on the inside but no one else knows this side of you because you are afraid to smile in public? For those of you blessed with a terrific smile it is hard to understand why someone would be afraid to laugh or… Read More »

Periodontal Disease and Preemies

Pregnant women who have gum disease (periodontal disease) are more likely to deliver their babies prematurely than women with healthy gums. New research has shown that expectant mothers with gum disease who used mouthwash throughout their pregnancies were less likely to have a preemie. The study was funded by Procter and Gamble and involved an… Read More »

Sleep Essential for Weight Management

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that sleep deprived people eat more but don’t burn off the extra calories. Several recent studies have looked the relationship between sleep length or quality and weight gain. They have all showed similar results — poor or inadequate sleep leads to overeating, craving carbohydrates… Read More »

Tooth Grinding and Headaches

Do you find yourself clenching your jaw? Do you experience frequent headaches or jaw pain? You could be grinding your teeth. Most people who grind their teeth do so during sleep and may not even realize they are doing it until a bed partner comments on the noise or a visit to the dentist shows… Read More »