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Dental Dangers of Energy Drinks

For some people energy drinks are a quick pick-me-up, for some they may cause health problems, and for everyone they are a danger to dental enamel. Lots of us are using them. Red Bull alone sold over $2 billion worth of those little blue and silver cans in 2010. Why do energy drinks cause dental… Read More »

Facts on Plaque

So, what the heck is dental plaque? Well, here are the facts on plaque and how it affects your oral health. Plaque is a biofilm which means it is a colorless, sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth. If you have ever felt like you were wearing sweaters on your teeth then you… Read More »

Tooth Loss Still Fairly Common

Surprisingly, even among people with good dental health, tooth loss happens.Almost 3/4 of adults over age 35 have lost at least one tooth. By the age of 74 about 25% of us have lost ALL of their teeth.  Reasons for the loss vary – tooth decay, accidents, gum disease, excessive wear (bruxism or tooth grinding), … Read More »

Hot Health Trends 2012

What are the hot new health trends for 2012? According to  a national research group,The Values Institute at DGWB, we are going to be reading and talking about these health trends as the year goes on. Health Trends 2012: Natural energy drinks – Instead of Red Bull and Monster consumers will be looking for an… Read More »

Kim Kardashian Hates Dentists

Like a lot of celebrities Kim Kardashian loves Twitter but I guess she hates dentists. She tweeted yesterday that she is afraid of going to the dentist and had to spend the entire day in the dental chair having fillings. Actually she complimented her dentist but complained about fillings. Lots of people share her fear… Read More »

New Health Trends

A national research group called The Values Institute at DGWB surveyed consumers and determined the new health trends for 2012. They predict we’ll be hearing about: Natural energy drinks – consumers will be looking for an energy boost from more natural ingredients like vitamins and tea extracts and avoid chemically laden drinks like Red Bull… Read More »

Do You Need Braces?

Lots of adult patients ask if they need braces. For many of us the answer is yes for many different reasons. Some are parents that have witnessed the transformation in their own children and want a beautiful smile for themselves as well. Others are people who have just gotten tired of being uncomfortable smiling or… Read More »

Are You A Grinder?

Are you a grinder? Do you find yourself clenching or grinding your teeth together? Many people who grind their teeth don’t even realize it because they grind when they are asleep. When you grind your teeth on a regular basis you have a condition called bruxism. Bruxism can ruin your bite, damage your teeth and… Read More »

Midnight Munchies May Minimize Molars

Midnight muchies might do more than increase the size of your blue jeans. Eating late at night has been found to be bad for your dental health. A study published in the journal Eating Behaviors showedthat eating ate at night contributes to tooth loss and this outcome was not dependent upon the types of food… Read More »

New Year’s Resolution Easy To Keep

Almost half of American’s make New Year’s resolutions but most of us don’t achieve our goals. I have a suggestion for a resolution that can keep your smile beautiful and your heart healthy at the same time and it doesn’t involve a treadmill. Get your teeth cleaned on a regular basis! Sounds easy and too… Read More »