Why Teeth in a Day may not be your Ideal

Cosmetic dental surgery Clyde, NCIf dental problems are getting in the way of quality of life, you may reach a point where the fastest possible care sounds ideal. Unhealthy teeth do not support biting and chewing as they should. We have seen this create physical and psychological trauma for numerous patients who have visited our Clyde, NC office. Through dedication and research, Dr. Highsmith has found a way to offer patients hope for a brighter future: Teeth Tomorrow®.

Teeth Tomorrow® may sound like second-best to the teeth-in-a-day services offered by many dental offices today. Completion of extractions and full restoration of oral structure in a single visit can sound like the absolute best way to go about rehabilitating the smile. According to research, there is a lot of difference that can be attained in a day.

Same-day restorative care involves the seating of a temporary bridge immediately following tooth extraction. That temporary bridge is made chairside, not in a dental lab. Bridges fabricated in the lab are more fine-tuned to the arch on which they sit. Even with stabilization from dental implants, this refinement makes a difference in fit and may eliminate the need for adjustments at a later date, after swelling has subsided.

To undergo the Teeth Tomorrow® process means that you will get your new teeth tomorrow – the day after your failing teeth are extracted. Yes, this also means that you will go home after your initial visit without teeth. You will not have teeth with which to chew. That being said, the day of extraction, most patients prefer a liquid diet or extremely soft foods anyway. To imply that same-day restoration would allow a patient to enjoy a steak dinner the night of their procedure would set them up for disappointment at the very least. Waiting a day means very little to emotional wellness, but it can mean a lot when it comes to the outcome of treatment.

  • Swelling typically subsides significantly in the first day after extractions.
  • Comfort improves substantially in the first 24 hours.
  • The final bridge is manufactured in a dental lab to the exact specifications needed to fit your smile.
  • The day after your initial treatment, the oral structure is restored, and you can enjoy your favorite foods.

The process, as well as the materials used in the Teeth Tomorrow® protocol equate to outstanding results. Learn more about this service when you call our Clyde office at (828) 627-9282.


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