Learn About the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tooth Decay with Dr. John Highsmith

Tooth DecayOral health and wellness is incredibly important for maintaining a smile for a lifetime. It is essential that patients take care of their teeth and gums. Dr. John Highsmith and his staff work closely with patients to instill in them the importance of quality, comprehensive dental care in and out of the dental chair. One concern that can develop is that of tooth decay.


Understanding tooth decay


Tooth decay, which is often known as cavities, is an issue that can develop when patients are not maintaining their oral health and wellness. Tooth decay is essentially a hole that can develop in the enamel of the tooth and can cause permanent damage. If left untreated, the cavity can become larger and deeper, causing problems that may require treatments such as root canal therapy. Cavities can even become large enough to require the tooth be removed entirely. This then requires patients to replace their teeth with restorations such as bridges, dentures, or dental implants. Avoiding the development of tooth decay in the first place is highly encouraged.


Diagnosis of tooth decay


Most areas of tooth decay are found by the dentist during a physical evaluation. Others are harder to spot and may be diagnosed with x-rays. X-rays are a diagnostic tool used by many professionals to see bone and other concerns that cannot be spotted by the naked eye. Once tooth decay has been found, treatment options are discussed with patients.


Treatment of tooth decay


Patients who have tooth decay will need to speak to their dentist about the treatment of tooth decay. Treatment is often achieved with the use of dental fillings. Fillings are done with a material called composite resin bonding which blends in seamlessly with the natural enamel. This ensures an aesthetic repair to the tooth. If the area is too large to effectively address the decay, other considerations may be made such as the use of an inlay, onlay, or even the placement of a dental crown.


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