Resolve to Cut Down on Sugar

Want a healthier smile in 2014? Resolve to cut down on sugar in your diet and you can reduce tooth decay.

Reducing sugar in your diet can be easier said, than done. This is because much of the sugar we eat is in the form of sugars added to foods by the manufacturers. We can easily avoid adding extra sugars to our coffee or skip the candy jar but everything from bread to tomato sauce has added sugar!

Newcastle University completed a study that showed that when less than 10% of daily calories in the diet are made up of free sugars there are much lower levels of tooth decay. The researchers went even further, and found that taking in only 5% of daily calories as free sugars (around 5 teaspoons per day), would minimize the risk of cavities throughout life.

According to the researchers, “Part of the problem is that sugary foods and drinks are now staples in many people’s diet in industrialized countries, whereas once they were an occasional treat for a birthday or Christmas. We need to reverse this trend.”

Want even better news than fewer cavities? Extra sugar in our diets has been linked to inflammation throughout the body and we all know about the weight gained when we take in those empty calories.

This year, try being a little more aware of the added sugars that you are taking in each day. Read labels and you’ll be amazed at what you find!

If extra sugar has already resulted in tooth decay, we can help. Remember that early detection of tooth decay is important – smaller cavities are easier to treat. By the time you “feel” a cavity, it is already well advanced and may require root canal therapy and a crown to save the tooth.

Contact Dr. John Highsmith in Clyde, NC today at 828-627-9282 to schedule your next dental checkup. Remember, we are a mercury-free office and we care about your health.

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