Why Dr. John Highsmith prefers Tooth-Colored Fillings over Silver Amalgam

Non Mercury Fillings Asheville, NCDr. John Highsmith of the Clyde, NC area is a dentist who offers a variety of general, cosmetic, implant, and laser dentistry solutions for new and existing patients in the community. One of the more common treatments he provides is that of fillings. Fillings are used to address areas of decay that, if left untreated, can become a much bigger problem. While many dentists use silver amalgam fillings, Dr. John Highsmith has avoided this method for over 25 years! He finds that there are more attractive and solid solutions such as composite resin fillings.

What is composite resin?

Composite resin is a popular dental material used for a variety of situations, but it is best utilized as a filling alternative to more traditional silver amalgam fillings. This material is almost like a clay-like, tooth-colored material that can be placed into areas where decay have formed and be filed and polished to look like natural tooth enamel. This material is used a lot for covering imperfections of the smile as well, such as gaps between teeth or to reshape broken/chipped teeth.

Why composite resin?

Dr. John Highsmith prefers to use these tooth-colored restorations for fillings for many reasons. First, they are more aesthetic. Silver amalgam fillings are obvious and stand out when used to repair areas of decay. Second, composite resin fillings help support the structure of the tooth and bond easily, reducing the amount of natural tooth enamel that needs to be removed for placement. Third, composite resin fillings do not expand and contract with temperature changes as silver amalgam fillings do. This eliminates the chance of bacteria entering into the inner portions of the tooth and causing an infection that may later require root canal therapy. Fourth, composite resin fillings are affordable for many of our patients considering dental work.

Ready to find out more about these aesthetic solutions for the smile?

Contact Dr. John Highsmith and his team by calling (828) 627-9282 for an appointment and visit the office at 78 Nelson Street in Clyde, NC. Patients are welcome to ask about this and other cosmetic and restorative solutions for their smiles!

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