5 Foods That Are Bad for Your Smile

While most patients know that brushing, flossing, and routine visits to the dental practice can help them achieve healthy, beautiful smiles, many don’t take the time to consider the many foods and beverages that they may consume that can damage the teeth and impact the smile. Dr. John Highsmith offers Clyde, NC area patients education to help them understand how their nutrition impacts their smile.

Five foods that damage the teeth

• Lollipops and other hard candies. Candy might seem harmless as an occasional treat, but constant exposure can be extremely harmful to the natural teeth. Since they are full of sugar, these sugars can convert to acids and speed up the formation of tooth decay. Additionally, they can also be the cause of broken and chipped teeth and restorations. Instead, consider sugarless chewing gum with the American Dental Association seal as an alternative.

• Ice cubes. While some patients enjoy chewing on ice, it can be damaging to the smile, wearing down enamel, breaking restorations, and leaving teeth vulnerable to unexpected dental emergencies.

• Citrus fruits. Enjoying fruits and vegetables is always good, but high acid fruits such as lemons and limes may not be the best choice for the smile, as these natural sugars can make teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. These high acid drinks may also irritate mouth sores such as canker sores.

• Coffee. While coffee is typically a rather healthy beverage choice, these health benefits are reduced greatly when patients add sugar and syrups to them. These beverages may also dry out your mouth and can stain the teeth.

• Dried fruit. Dried fruit can be incredibly sticky and may stay on the surfaces of the teeth longer, so if consumed, they should be rinsed off the teeth before brushing and flossing.

Learn more about proper nutrition for better oral health and wellness

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