How Innovation in Dentistry Benefits You

Dental services Asheville NCArcheologists have found evidence of dental care dating back to ancient Greece. However, the concepts that were emerging at that time would not transition into practical use for several hundred years. It wasn’t until the 1800s when dentistry became a formalized profession that involved specific training and understanding of dental anatomy. Now, a few hundred years later, we are sitting in a prime position to prevent dental disease, treat it with modern techniques, and even transform the appearance of the smile.

As experienced and highly trained professionals, we continue to feel excited about how dentistry is changing. The progression of technology enables us to meet patients’ needs in the most beautiful way. Some of the ways that we serve our patients with innovative dentistry include:


There are several aspects of dentistry that can make a patient nervous. In recent years, sedation dentistry techniques have become more common, enabling patients to undergo necessary and elective treatments without the fear that may have otherwise prevented them from seeing the dentist. We are proud to offer oral sedation to patients for whom dental care is stressful. Our office has recently added the NuCalm relaxation method as an alternative to pharmacologic sedation. NuCalm is a proven neuroscientific method of reducing stress that is ideal for individuals with mild to moderate dental anxiety.

Teeth Tomorrow

Historically, full-arch tooth replacement has been involved the extraction of failing teeth and manufacture of a denture. Dentures have improved quite a bit over time, but they are still unsecured fixtures that rely on suction and adhesive for stability. Teeth Tomorrow is an expedited process through which failing teeth can be removed and replaced with a full-arch, implant-supported bridge over the course of just a few dental visits. This modern technique provides long-term chewing function as well as a completely natural appearance thanks to high-quality materials that are hand-finished to look just like natural teeth.

There are numerous ways in which dental innovation has changed the way we conduct patient care. To discover how modern dentistry can serve your oral health and cosmetic needs, call our Clyde office at (855) 637-1806.

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