Understanding the benefits of the “Teeth Tomorrow” dental implant bridge

Are you a patient in the Clyde, NC area who is missing one or more teeth? Have you experienced damage caused by multiple root canals or periodontal disease? Do you avoid smiling because of the appearance of your smile? Are you tired of traditional dentures and wish to find a better solution?

Thanks to Teeth Tomorrow, patients in the community can enjoy eating and smiling once again, while restoring the beauty and function of their smile with a specialized dental implant bridge solution. These full-arch implants allow patients to look and feel their best, and have the confidence to enjoy all their favorite foods. Transforming one’s life with a tooth replacement solution is just one of Dr. John Highsmith’s favorite moments about his career!

What is Teeth Tomorrow?

Teeth Tomorrow is a specialized dental bridge that is used along with dental implants to provide an alternative to traditional full dentures in replacing all the teeth within the smile. This method is unparalleled in quality, strength, and functionality. In as little as four appointments, patients can have their entire smile replaced and feel confident. Patients will undergo a planning appointment, during which x-rays are taken to evaluate the underlying bone structure to ensure it is appropriate for placing dental implants successfully. An oral surgery appointment is made, during which the dentist installs the implants along the dental arch within the jawbone. Once healed, patients begin working with their dentist to design their new smile. This special bridge is made to replace all the teeth, and is latched in place with the dental implants installed along the arch. The entire process allows patients to eat, smile, and laugh again!

Interested in learning more about Teeth Tomorrow?

At Dr. John Highsmith General, Cosmetic, Implant, and Laser Dentistry, patients have the opportunity to achieve a beautiful smile fully restored with the Teeth Tomorrow dental implant bridge. If you are ready to speak to our professionals about the options available to you for smile restoration, we welcome you to request a consultation with our team to discuss Teeth Tomorrow. Schedule an appointment by calling (828) 627-9282 and visiting the practice locally at 78 Nelson Street in Clyde, NC.

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