These are the Reasons to Consider Dental Implants

Dental Implants Asheville, NCWe have come a long, long way since the early development of tooth replacement treatments. The awareness of such treatments usually leads us to think about dentures and dental implants when, in fact, humans have been trying to figure out this tooth replacement thing for hundreds of years. Everything from shells to human teeth and bones has been tried. It has taken time – a lot of time – but we finally have options that meet us where our needs are greatest.

Advanced, But Not Perfect

The development of dentures was a huge step forward in achieving fully successful tooth replacement. Many people even perceive this method to be fully successful. We can see why. A denture replaces an entire arch of teeth. What is more needed? For complete success in tooth replacement, we need more than teeth; we also need roots. Dental implants are those roots that restore the necessary connection between teeth and the jawbone. In so doing, our greatest needs are met. These are:

  • The need for longevity. When healthy, natural teeth are resilient and reliable for many years. The same should be true of the structures we use to replace missing teeth. By implanting tiny titanium cylinders into the jawbone, your dentist reinstates the foundation for permanent oral function.
  • The need for efficacy. Healthy natural teeth are functional. They work every time we need to bite or chew. They do not fall over or fall out. They do not rub on the gums because they are situated within this tissue rather than on top of it. Dental implant treatment mimics this situation so replacement teeth can maintain consistent functional efficiency.
  • The need for ease. There is something nice about having teeth that are in place all the time. In some situations, patients can choose to have dentures permanently affixed to implant posts. This way, daily oral care involves the same manner of brushing and rinsing that has always been effective. During routine dental visits, the denture may be removed for more extensive cleaning and evaluation.

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