How Implants Compare to Natural Teeth

Dental Implants Asheville, NCA primary objective in dentistry is to foster long-term oral health. If we were to describe complete success at this, we would definitely include the preservation of natural tooth structure. Tooth loss is an event we’d like to avoid whenever we can. According to research, we have a good chance at this. In our office, preventive care is performed to remove the plaque and tartar that can quickly lead to oral decline. Also, Dr. Highsmith has obtained advanced training that can be implemented when necessary to help patients who have experienced tooth loss.

Many patients who need tooth replacement choose to restore their smile with dental implants and the appropriate artificial teeth. There are several reasons for the popularity of implants, including the ability to eat a variety of foods. Because implants are artificial roots, there is also the advantage of stability for chewing and speaking. In some ways, we can look at implants as comparable to, or even slightly better than, natural teeth. Of course, we don’t want to replace functional teeth. However, we do have to point out some of the finer points of implants, such as:

No More Decay

One of the factors that leads many patients to need full-mouth reconstruction is severe decay. Patients who have numerous failing teeth are usually in a fair amount of discomfort. Some patients have not been able to chew comfortably for years. In situations where pain has been common for any length of time, replacement with implants and crowns or bridges is life-changing. In addition to ending pain, the use of professional-grade titanium and zirconium prevents further instances of decay (unless there are natural teeth remaining).

Lifetime Use

Dental implants and durable restorative materials have significantly increased the value of tooth replacement. Studies have indicated that dental implants can last 30 or more years. The only caveat is that oral hygiene needs to be consistent. Caring for dental implants and artificial teeth is easy, just brush and floss as instructed by your dentist. What a simple way to get lifetime use from your new teeth!

Ideally, you will be able to keep your natural teeth forever. If dental problems prevent this, implant treatment provides the value you deserve. Learn more about dental implants by scheduling your consultation in our Clyde, NC office.

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