Full-Arch Replacement Needed some Refinement, and We Got It!

Dental Implants Asheville, NCHuman innovation continues to discover ways to age better. As a result, Americans are living longer than had previously been expected. Looking ahead, scientist predicts that this increase in life expectancy may continue. This is good, on the one hand, and can present unique concerns, on the other. Until additional changes in how we live to occur, this increase in years of life can mean that over 30% of us will experience tooth failure.

Teeth may fail for some reasons. Current evidence points to the high consumption of sugary foods and beverages that began with the Baby Boomer generation. The men and women of this generation, born between 1945 and 1964, are now at an age when the fillings and other treatments they received in their youth are suffering wear and tear. The cracks in fillings lead to cracks in teeth. The low-grade inflammation that has lingered for years is now exposing roots and infecting areas beneath the gums, areas in which teeth are stabilized. As a result, we see a need for tooth extraction and viable options for replacement.

The advances that have been achieved in dentistry in the 21st Century have been a substantial leap forward in the goal of creating long-lasting tooth replacement. This is especially meaningful for patients who require full-arch restoration. The fact that dentures have numerous drawbacks is no secret, with many patients admitting they go without teeth more often than not due to discomfort. The rubbing and slipping that are the norm for standard dentures can now be easily managed through dental implant stabilization.

Dental implants are a significant part of restorative dentistry today, and an enjoyable aspect of our Clyde, NC dental practice. Dr. Highsmith is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and is also a provider of the Teeth Tomorrow® full-arch bridge. While other options for implant treatment exist, this protocol stands out for several reasons. One is the use of Prettau® Zirconia. In a 5-year study of patients treated with this product, the success rate of treatment was 100%.

The use of dental implants for tooth replacement was an initial and important step toward improvement in patient outcomes. We continue to make strides with new materials and technologies, and continue to enjoy the satisfaction of helping patients get the most from dental care.

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