Are you Believing These Myths about Dental Implants?

dental implantsYour teeth. You expect them to be with you throughout your lifetime. Losing one, or several, could come as an enormously unpleasant surprise. Statistics show that tooth loss is not nearly as uncommon as many people think. Adults as young as their 30s and 40s are having to find a suitable way to replace one or more teeth. Fortunately, dental technology has kept up with the increasing need for replacement teeth. More than actually replacing tooth structure, dental implants reinstate the foundation we all count on for total confidence.

If you don’t know the facts about dental implants, you may take yourself out of the game before you even get off the starting line. As an experienced implant dentist, Dr. Highsmith offers outstanding care to patients of our Clyde practice. Here, we will put a few misconceptions about implant treatment to rest.

Implants cost too much.

The initial cost of any form of treatment is only one consideration to make – and a very small one, at that. Ultimately, the value of tooth replacement comes down to longevity, appearance, and functionality. Dental implants are situated in the jawbone, just like your natural roots. Because these tiny posts become encased by bone, they can last a lifetime. Now that’s cost effective!

Oral surgery is painful.

We can understand a patient’s apprehension to undergo a surgical procedure. The mouth is a delicate area that we would prefer others keep their distance from, for the most part. To have dental implants placed sounds intrusive, if not outright painful. This idea should not stop you from doing your research on the form of tooth replacement that will serve your ultimate needs. Dental implant surgery is conducted with local anesthetic to promote comfort. Also, patients may choose to include sedation into their procedure to calm their nerves. Because there are no nerves in bone tissue, post-operative discomfort is mild and short-lived. Many patients are able eat comfortably within a day or two without the need for modifications or pain relieving medication.

The results of implant treatment will look fake.

One of the most important aspects of dental care is the ability to recreate the nuances of natural enamel. Dental implant treatment has no bearing on the appearance of the smile. The posts that support lifelike restorations are hidden beneath the gums, where they form the foundation that leads to a natural feel. Where your natural smile aesthetic comes from is the fabrication of your needed restorations. Whether a crown or several artificial teeth, the fixtures that our patients receive are carefully designed and thoroughly assessed for authenticity. In short, your smile is in good hands with accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Highsmith.

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