What is tooth decay?

Dental Fillings | Asheville, NCClyde, NC area patients who are interested in caring for their smile and keeping it free from periodontal disease and tooth decay are encouraged to work with a professional such as Dr. John Highsmith to discuss proper cleaning of the teeth and gums. However, many patients are unsure as to what tooth decay is and how they can keep it from developing in the smile.

What is tooth decay?

Tooth decay is sometimes referred to by patients and dentists as cavities. These are areas where acids and sugars have eaten away at the natural tooth enamel and have created holes. These holes in the teeth can increase a patient’s sensitivity to sweets and even beverages of extreme temperatures. The sooner an area of decay is treated, the less likely it is to grow deeper and cause more damage to the natural tooth. Decay that reaches the dental pulp inside of the tooth can cause an extreme tooth ache due to infection, and often requires extensive procedures to save the natural tooth such as root canal therapy. Catching tooth decay early is the best way to keep it from becoming more problematic within the smile.

How is tooth decay treated?

If Dr. John Highsmith notices tooth decay developing on one or more teeth within the smile during an evaluation, he will notify the patient that it requires treatment. Treatment of tooth decay is often achieved with a filling. Fillings are completed using a material called composite resin bonding, which is tooth-colored and appropriate to use when filling in an area that has been affected by cavities. Dr. John Highsmith and his professionals will encourage patients to have these fillings done as soon as possible—sometimes during the same appointment—to keep the issue from becoming more damaging and more expensive to treat later on down the road.

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