What to do about a chipped tooth

At the practice of Dr. John Highsmith, patients in and the area of Clyde, NC who have experienced trauma to the smile and have chipped a tooth have access to solutions to repair the tooth. A chipped tooth may be a minor inconvenience or a serious issue, depending on the severity of the trauma. Patients who ask what to do with a chipped tooth may be evaluated by our dentist to determine the best treatment option.

Why should I be worried about a chipped tooth?

he first concern when patients arrive at the practice of Dr. John Highsmith is the severity of the damage to the tooth. Our dentist will determine the extent of the damage, the location of the chip, and if one or more teeth have been impacted by this trauma. The larger the chip, the more likely the inner areas of the tooth have been impacted as well. Pain may or may not be present, and in some instances, patients may experience bleeding if the chip was large enough to impact the dental pulp inside of the tooth. During an evaluation, our team will then determine what should be done about the chipped tooth.

Solutions for a chipped tooth

After our dentist has evaluated the situation, he can make appropriate recommendations for patients. These recommendations may include:

  • Dental bonding – in most situations, dental bonding, or “composite resin bonding,” may be the smartest choice. This is the use of a special clay-like material that is applied to the tooth, shaped in place, cured, and then filed and polished to look like natural tooth enamel. This treatment can be done during one visit and is the fastest and most economical way to repair a tooth.
  • Dental veneers – porcelain veneers are thin facings made to bond over the front of a tooth to cover imperfections. They are long-lasting and stain resistant. This makes them a desirable solution for many individuals who have damage to the teeth near the front of the smile, or the “anterior teeth.”
  • Tooth replacement – if the damage of a tooth is far beyond the point of repair, the dentist may recommend extraction and replacement of the tooth. Replacement options may vary and include dental implants, dental bridges, and partial dentures.

Discover the methods of repairing the smile available with Dr. John Highsmith

Patients in and around the community of Clyde, NC who are interested in learning about the ways they can restore a tooth that has experienced damage are welcome to work with Dr. John Highsmith and his team to discuss restoration solutions. Call (828) 627-9282 to schedule a consultation visit and initial evaluation.

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