What it means to Work with a Cosmetic Dentist

cosmetic dentistryThe old saying says “the eyes have it.” We disagree and so does scientific evidence. When you look at another person’s face, it is their smile that draws in the eye. This could go either way. You may instinctively notice the straightness of teeth and the brightness of enamel, or you may observe discoloration or misalignment. What we see in the smile translates to the brain as traits; friendliness, trustworthiness, or laziness and poor health.

Because you know that your smile speaks a thousand words and more, it makes sense that you want it to look good. Your smile is not just a feature; it is a reflection of your true self. To align the two could take some work.

What is a Cosmetic Dentist?

Did you know that there is no formal dental specialty for cosmetic dentistry? This means that any dentist who obtains training in a cosmetic procedure can advertise as a cosmetic dentist. If you do not know that there are no specific guidelines for this area of dentistry, you may find yourself putting your precious smile into the hands of a minimally-trained dentist.

Your smile is a treasure. Cosmetic dentistry is an investment. These two facts alone mean that, when you do have work done on your smile, you want it to last. You want it to look good; like you. This does not come simply from applying a veneer or fixing a flaw with cosmetic bonding. There are nuances that your dentist needs to be attuned to, such as how your teeth play off your lips, and how your smile harmonizes with the rest of your face. Even your complexion is an important factor in bringing out the best in your smile.

How to Differentiate

Some dentists have gone to great lengths to differentiate themselves from the pack. Dr. Highsmith is one of them, having become an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. To attain this status, Dr. Highsmith completed case studies which demonstrated artistic achievement and clinical excellence. Accreditation also includes a written AND oral examination on aspects of cosmetic dentistry ranging from occlusion, dental materials, and smile design.

Meeting the stringent standards of the Academy’s accreditation process takes a great deal of time and effort. This is why so few dentists attain this status.

We see your smile as the treasure it is. Learn more about our services and training when you visit our Clyde cosmetic dentistry practice. We look forward to seeing you!


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