Keeping It Clean With Braces

There are lots of great reasons to get dental braces to straighten up a crooked smile. Your self esteem rises, you smile more easily and crooked teeth are hard to clean and are more likely to develop decay. But how do you keep your smile clean while you are going through the process of wearing braces?

Using dental braces like Six Month Smiles means a lot less time spent with brackets in your mouth – six months of treatment for a lifetime of a straight beautiful smile is a pretty good trade-off. Here are a few tips for keeping things healthy while going through the process:

  • Brush using a soft bristle brush and a fluoride toothpaste. Carefully clean your teeth after every meal.
  • Floss! You can’t skip flossing for six months, especially when wearing braces. Regular floss might be difficult to use so get floss threaders which are specially designed for those with braces. Feed the floss threader between the wire and the gum line and you can easily floss away plaque and food debris.
  • Watch what you eat – avoid sticky caramels and chewy foods like bagels. Most foods can be eaten without a problem, they just need to be cut into bite size pieces.
  • Try a water flosser, you probably remember the ones from Waterpik. They are highly effective for people with braces or extensive dental work.

Have you been thinking about straightening your smile? Many adults seek orthodontic treatment to straighten teeth that have moved over the years or to straighten a smile that has been crooked for a lifetime. Whatever the reason, having straight teeth means better oral health over the long term.

Find out about your options for a Six Month Smile today by contacting Asheville cosmetic dentist Dr. John Highsmith today at 828-627-9282.

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