Improving Patient Outcomes with the Prettau Zirconia Bridge

Cosmetic Dentistry Asheville, NCIn our dental office, one of the top priorities is the achievement of optimal patient outcomes. Basically, whatever work we do on your smile, from that routine cleaning to replacing teeth, we want it to serve you well. Not just for a few months, but for years. As an accredited cosmetic dentist who has completed hundreds of additional hours of educational training, Dr. Highsmith understands what it takes to rebuild a smile that has been downgraded by oral disease or injury. This is one reason why we are proud to offer the Prettau® Zirconia bridge as a restorative option.

What is a Prettau Zirconia Bridge?

This restorative prosthesis is more than an implant-retained dental bridge. The Prettau Zirconia Bridge, like denture-hybrids, is a fixed unit. It is retained with dental implants and cannot be removed because it is screwed into its base (many hybrid dentures snap onto implants and can be removed). The only way that this bridge comes out is through specific dental technique. This is advantageous because you don’t want your teeth to come out, even if they are not your natural teeth.

In addition to being optimally secured through implant screws, the Prettau Zirconia Bridge is also considered a permanent fixture because of the strength of zirconia. This material, unlike the acrylic that is the norm for most dentures, will not stain, or crack, or chip. The strength of zirconia coupled with the stability of a screw-in base means you can eat whatever you’d like and feel no different than if every single one of your teeth were natural and secure.

Get Your Ideal Smile “Tomorrow”

One of the challenges of tooth replacement is that a number of people who need it still have their natural teeth; they just aren’t performing as they should. If your failing teeth make it difficult to eat and enjoy the quality of life you deserve, the ideal process is to remove them. In many cases, the suggested protocol is to remove failing teeth and immediately seat a temporary, full-arch bridge. Teeth Tomorrow®, using the Prettau Zirconia Bridge, does not follow that same idea. In our office, we wait until the day after teeth extractions and the insertion of dental implants to seat the temporary bridge. It is also important to note that every case is unique. Some patients may need adjunct treatment such as bone grafting in order to solidify the success of future implant usage.

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