Healthy Smile Helps You Look Younger

Once we get past a certain age we would all like to look a little younger. Did you know that keeping your smile healthy can help you with that?

We think of younger people as having white, straight, beautiful smiles. As we age our teeth can become discolored, worn or crooked. The old saying “long in the tooth” refers to older people and it reflects the fact that gum disease makes the gums recede and the teeth look longer. Healthy gums means you won’t look “long in the tooth”.

The secret to keeping a healthy smile? Brush twice each day, floss every day and visit your dentist for a cleaning every six months.

Not only will these habits keep your smile looking good but, your mouth is the gateway to your health. We need healthy teeth to be able to chew our food properly, which is the first step our body takes to extract nutrients from the food we eat. Avoiding junk food and sticking to a nutritious diet of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins is great for your body and your smile too!

The oral bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease thrive on carbohydrates. Cleaning away these bacteria and food debris is done by brushing and flossing. Only about 25% of people floss, but if you aren’t flossing there is about 40% of the tooth surface that isn’t getting cleaned. This leads to gum disease, tooth decay and bad breath.

If your smile is looking a little dingy or yellow a tooth whitening procedure can brighten up your smile and erase years! Contact us today at 828-627-9282 to find out your best option for a bright, white, healthy smile.

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