Have you Forgotten about Your Smile?

Cosmetic Dentistry Clyde, NC Life has a way of keeping us busy. Often, we are far busier than we would like to be. As we go through the years of forming careers, building businesses, and raising families, we can easily forget about something as trivial as the appearance of our teeth. What is interesting is that many young people today have their finger firmly on the pulse of this matter. We could probably thank social media and reality television for this. Older adults are another story.

Those in mid-life and beyond may have forgotten about how they used to want their smile to look. Perhaps some in the Generation X and Baby Boomer generations were never really exposed to the benefits of an attractive smile. Now, as age has changed the way the face, smile, and body look, there may be a sense of “does it matter?” It does, for some reasons.

A New Way of Being

There has been a significant change in the way that we live today versus much older generations. For one thing, millions of men and women who would be considered ready for retirement are still thriving in a career or business endeavor. “Retirement age” is no longer a term that we use with a strict idea of any given number. Not only are older adults working longer (because they are living longer), but we also see a higher number of middle-aged and seniors enjoying a more active social life.

There is a freedom that comes with age. After the child-rearing and ladder-climbing are complete, for the most part, there is time to socialize. This is exactly what a lot of older individuals are doing, retired or not. Socializing, for some, means volunteer work or weekly lunches with friends. In some instances, socializing also involves romantic endeavors. Just as much as it matters for career success, the attractive smile holds a great deal of power for social happiness.

We all deserve to feel good when we smile. Not only that, we deserve for our smile to be memorable for all the right reasons. With cosmetic dental treatments such as teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, or dentures, adults of all ages can continue to harness the power of an incredible smile. To speak with a staff member of our Clyde, NC cosmetic dentistry office, call (828) 627-9282.

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