Extending the Life of Your Smile

Cosmetic Dentistry


Statistical data demonstrates that we are living longer today than our ancestors. Along with greater health and vitality, men and women today also express a desire to extend the appearance of youthfulness and beauty. Cosmetic dental treatments can play an important role in achieving this.

What You can do for Your Smile
Research has demonstrated the clear benefits to healthy hygiene. One of our priorities and treating patients is to support them in their brushing and flossing habits. In addition to performing in office cleanings, we also are happy to demonstrate brushing technique and to discuss oral care products that enhance your ability to avoid dental problems that also impact the appearance of your smile.

What We can do With Your Smile
Cosmetic dentistry has been a major step-forward in dental medicine. We enjoy working with patients to bring out the best in their smiles. We can do this in several ways.

Dental veneers. Technically, a veneer is a type of cosmetic covering. As such, the purpose of dental veneers is to create a new covering on the front surface of a tooth. This cover may be designed to close a gap, or to disguise a chip or crack. Veneers may also be used to create the illusion of straightness when a tooth is turned or shifted. Enhancing the smile with dental veneers is a cost-effective way to add immense value to your smile.

Dental repairs. It used to be that dental repairs involved the placement of a material that would eventually, or immediately, diminish the authenticity of the smile. There is no way to make a metal crown or silver filling disappear into the smile. However, modern materials such as composite resin and high-quality ceramics are giving new life to damage teeth. We are proud to offer this high standard of care to our patients.

Teeth whitening. The idea of a beautiful, bright smile is appealing to most people. This is demonstrated by the millions of dollars Americans spend on teeth whitening products and services each year. Although commercial whitening products are widely available, most consumers have discovered that the key to dramatic results lies and professional care. If your smile could use a boost, we can help. Just give us a call to discuss our teeth whitening options.

Working together with our dental team, you can bring out and maintain the very best in your smile.

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