Are Porcelain Veneers Right For You?

A survey done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry found that about half of adults in the US would like to change something about their smile. Are you one of them, and if you are, why haven’t you changed your smile? Porcelain veneers are a surprisingly quick and easy way to get a whole new smile.

Smiles say a lot about us and, whether right or wrong, people judge new acquaintances on appearance, including their smiles! Does your smile allow people to see the real you or do you avoid smiling in social situations?

Some people are simply born with smiles that aren’t that great – maybe they needed braces as a kid but didn’t get them, maybe their teeth were discolored by medications or perhaps an accident damaged some of their teeth. There are many, many reasons for seeking porcelain veneers to improve the appearance of your smile.

Porcelain veneers allow dentists to reshape teeth that are malformed, give the appearance of straight teeth to a crooked smile and correct staining and defects that bleaching can’t touch. These thin pieces of porcelain are extremely lifelike in appearance and studies have shown that they are very durable and long-lasting. To see the impact that porcelain veneers can have on your smile, check out our photo gallery of before and after pictures.

Find out more about porcelain veneers and other cosmetic dental procedures that can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of by contacting Asheville cosmetic dentist Dr. John Highsmith today at 828-627-9282.

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