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Why Your Breath Stinks

Finding a solution for stinky bad breath is a $2 billion dollar industry. About 50% of the adult population has persistent bad breath and one survey showed that over 1/3 of us are so worried about our breath that we are hesitant when speaking to people. Not a good way to live your life. Before… Read More »

Dental X-Rays Predict Broken Bones

Swedish scientists  say that it is possible to use dental X-rays to predict which patients may be at risk of future broken bones. The research published in the journal Nature Reviews Endocinology showed that sparse bone structure in the lower jaw was an indicator that the patient was at greater risk for bone fractures in… Read More »

Bacteria Changes In Our Mouths May Predict Disease

We don’t like to think about it because of the “ick” factor, but there are lots of different types of oral bacteria living in our mouths  and a recent study showed that changes in the types of bacteria may help to predict the onset of pneumonia. The research looked at healthy adults living in normal… Read More »

Tooth Tips for Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is a time for fun, family, football and lots of food. The problem is that most of the food is full of sugars and carbohydrates which can cause problems for your healthy smile. Don’t despair, while there isn’t much you can do to save your weight loss plan on Thanksgiving Day you can make… Read More »

Candy and Cavities

Your little Trick or Treaters brought home a pile of candy which has been dutifully  sorted and checked for safety (and taste) by Mom and Dad. The question now is –  What is the best way to allow your children to enjoy their booty and avoid new cavities? Cavity formation depends upon the pH balance… Read More »

Your Dental Abscess Questions Answered

What is a dental abscess and how did I get one? An abscess is an accumulation of pus that can form in the gum but generally forms in the bone and drains either through the gums or through a tooth.  These events are painful and usually start with a bacterial infection either inside the pulp… Read More »

Diabetics Need Healthy Gums

The importance of healthy gums and teeth for diabetes patients has been well documented but a new report in the British Dental Journal has confirmed that most diabetes patients do not understand the link. Researchers surveyed adults visiting a diabetes clinic and discovered that only 13% of participants knew that swollen or tender gums could… Read More »

Yogurt May Help Keep Gums Healthy

Always nice to hear about something that is good to eat that is also good for you.  Turns out that eating yogurt and similar foods with lactic acid may be good for your gums. Researchers in Japan discovered that eating yogurt and drinks that contain lactic acid were associated with healthier gums. Regular dairy products… Read More »

Toothache Treatment

While the top reasons for toothache are cavities or gum disease there are other causes for oral pain. A dentist has to act like a dental detective to discover the reason for the pain and which treatment would be appropriate. This detective work begins with a thorough examination, including x-rays. Most of the time our… Read More »