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Resolve to Cut Down on Sugar

Want a healthier smile in 2014? Resolve to cut down on sugar in your diet and you can reduce tooth decay. Reducing sugar in your diet can be easier said, than done. This is because much of the sugar we eat is in the form of sugars added to foods by the manufacturers. We can… Read More »

Kissing Complications

Kissing is a normal part of life. Of course, we kiss different people differently – one kind of kiss for mom and another kind for the spouse! But are there any complications that can come with kissing? Bacteria and viruses live in our saliva and can be spread by kissing. Does this mean you need… Read More »

Why Do We Do X-Rays?

Have you ever wondered why the dentist is so insistent on updating your dental x-rays every couple of years? No, we don’t want x-rays as a way to pad your bill — we need these digital pictures of the teeth, bones, and surrounding soft tissues to find cavities, bone loss, and hidden dental problems and structures… Read More »

Dementia and Dental Health

Gum disease bacteria in the brain – that seems to be part of the link between dementia and dental health. Researchers in the UK looked at donated brain samples of 20 people. Ten of the samples were from people with dementia and ten were from people who did not. The researchers found the oral bacteria,… Read More »

Healthy Smile Helps You Look Younger

Once we get past a certain age we would all like to look a little younger. Did you know that keeping your smile healthy can help you with that? We think of younger people as having white, straight, beautiful smiles. As we age our teeth can become discolored, worn or crooked. The old saying “long… Read More »

Your Choice – Electric or Manual

No, I’m not talking about can openers. The choice of electric or manual toothbrushes often comes up when talking prevention with  patients. Is it better to use an electric toothbrush or a manual one? Here’s a secret – it is really your brushing technique, not the toothbrush, that makes the difference. Electric toothbrushes have been… Read More »

6 Ways A Health Smile Helps You

A healthy smile does a lot more than look pretty! A healthy smile is key to your overall well-being. Here are 6 ways that a healthy smile helps you. A healthy smile lowers your risk of heart disease. The chronic inflammation from gum disease has been associated with heart attack and stroke. Oral bacteria can… Read More »

Damaged Teeth Can Be Saved

Dental damage such as a chipped or knocked-out tooth is quite common. The damage can occur from sports injuries or accidents. The key to saving a tooth that has been knocked out is quickly getting to a dentist.   Knocked out tooth: First, determine the condition of the tooth immediately following the injury. For example,… Read More »

Protect Yourself From Oral Cancer

Worldwide oral cancer rates are skyrocketing just as they are in the United States. In the year 1981 the U.S. saw 10,000 deaths from oral cancers. In 2011, over 37,000 people developed oral cancers and about 8,000 died. This means the death rate from oral cancer are higher than those from melanoma, thyroid cancer and… Read More »

Scared of Halloween Cavities?

Scared of cavities on Halloween? You don’t need to be afraid that your kids, or you, will get cavities from munching all that Trick or Treat booty!  Don’t toss all the candy and replace it with kale. Here are some suggestions for enjoying treats without causing too much damage to those little teeth: Sort the… Read More »