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Do Kids With Asthma Get More Cavities?

Sadly, the answer appears to be yes! A European study published earlier this year suggested that children and teens with asthma have more cavities than average – and they also have higher rates of gum disease. While this study looked at children and teens, adults with asthma probably experience the same risk. What are the… Read More »

Sleep Apnea Complicates Diabetes

Diabetes and obstructive sleep apnea are both serious, chronic conditions that affect millions of Americans – and many of them don’t know it because they have not been diagnosed! Recent research has shown that when patients with Type 2 diabetes also have obstructive sleep apnea they are at higher risk of blindness and foot problems.… Read More »

Yes, We Really Need Dental X-Rays

“Again? I just had them!” is the typical response when patients are told it is time for dental radiographs (x-rays). While it may seem like you are putting that lead apron on every time you visit there is a suggested schedule and there really is a need for us to see those films. The ADA… Read More »

The Fix for Discolored Teeth

The number one cosmetic complaint I hear is “Doctor, I hate the color of my teeth. What can I do?” The discoloration of tooth enamel can be caused by aging, staining or damage to the teeth by some medications. Some lucky people are genetically programmed to have bright, white teeth while others do not. Tooth… Read More »

Replacing a Missing Tooth

One of the things people fear most is the loss of a tooth. The reasons for loss range from accidental injury to disease. The good news is that there are more options for replacing a missing tooth today. The choice is typically between using a dental bridge to replace the missing tooth or the more… Read More »

Gum Disease Linked to Strokes

When we think about chronic diseases which can lead to a stroke we usually think of things like high blood pressure and diabetes but now we need to add gum disease to that list. Didn’t think that gum disease was really all that important? Many people don’t but research over the past several years has… Read More »