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Obstructive Sleep Apnea Clyde, NC

Your dentist can assist with conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea

When patients think of visiting the dentist, they often think of cleanings and fillings. However, some dentists provide services outside the traditional scope of dentistry. Dr. John Highsmith of Clyde, NC provides solutions for patients who have been diagnosed with a sleeping disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea. What is obstructive sleep apnea? To patients… Read More »

Sleep Apnea May Raise Cancer Risk

It looks like we can add cancer to the list of health problems associated with obstructive sleep apnea. A study from the University of Sydney found that moderate-to-severe sleep apnea was linked to a 2 1/2 times higher likelihood of developing cancer. This was after the researchers adjusted for other factors such as obesity! Mortality… Read More »

Testing for Sleep Apnea

What is it about the testing for obstructive sleep apnea that has some people nervous? I have actually  had patients say “Yeah, I probably have sleep apnea but I’m not gonna do the sleep test!” which is something I just don’t understand. If you could find out what is making you tired, cranky and raising… Read More »

What Does A Dentist Have To Do With Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a medical condition in which people actually stop breathing during sleep. What would a dentist have to do with a medical condition like obstructive sleep apnea? Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissues of the mouth and throat relax during sleep. These relaxed tissues drop back, effectively blocking the airway. When… Read More »

Governors Sign Sleep Apnea Awareness Proclamations

A group of governors has taken a step toward raising the awareness of sleep apnea. Twelve governors have signed proclamations that highlight the dangers of sleep apnea and name a “Sleep Apnea Awareness Day” in their state. These proclamations are in response to the death of a sleep apnea patient following knee surgery. The patient’s… Read More »

World Sleep Day

How did you sleep last night? Today is World Sleep Day which means we take a look at the importance of sleep for our health and well-being. Sleep problems are very common. People complain that they can’t get to sleep because they have insomnia. Some people fall asleep but then wake up a few hours… Read More »

Sleep Apnea May Make Diabetes Worse

Obstructive sleep apnea causes pauses in breathing throughout the night which can have serious health consequences. Sleep apnea has previously been shown to increase the risk of Type 2 diabetes and now it looks like the disorder also worsens blood sugar control by disrupting the deepest stage of sleep. Sleep apnea sufferers stop breathing at… Read More »

5 Ways To Reduce Snoring

Do you snore? Does your bed partner snore? Then you know how annoying it can be to be kept awake by snoring each night. Snoring can be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, which is a serious sleep breathing disorder. But not everyone who snores has sleep apnea, but everyone with sleep apnea snores! 5… Read More »

Weight Loss Reduces Sleep Apnea Severity

Researchers have reported that obese patients treated with certain weight-loss drugs for 28 weeks lost significant amounts of weight and saw relief from the obstructive sleep apnea. Obesity is a risk factor for obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep breathing disorder which causes patients to stop breathing during sleep. A large neck size is one sign… Read More »

Fall Back – Time to Change Your Clocks

Can you believe it is that time again? Time to change our clocks, of course. We had to “Spring Forward” and lose and hour of sleep but now we get to “Fall Back” and savor a little extra rest. While we all enjoy that extra hour of shut eye every fall, we now know that… Read More »