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Understanding the Importance of Mercury-Free Restorations for Treatment of Tooth Decay

When cavities form, it is essential that patients in Clyde, NC seek immediate dental care for the treatment of these cavities with fillings. However, it is also important that patients obtain assistance from a dental professional who believes in using mercury-free restorations. Why is Mercury Used in Dentistry? In the past, and in some practices… Read More »

Resolve to Cut Down on Sugar

Want a healthier smile in 2014? Resolve to cut down on sugar in your diet and you can reduce tooth decay. Reducing sugar in your diet can be easier said, than done. This is because much of the sugar we eat is in the form of sugars added to foods by the manufacturers. We can… Read More »

Modern Diet Bad in Many Ways

We keep learning more about how the modern diet we eat today is not particularly healthy. Weight gain, increased cases of heart disease and diabetes are all linked to a poor diet. Now, a study of the evolution of our teeth over the past 7,500 years has shown that our modern diet is also bad… Read More »

Will Europe End Use of Dental Amalgam?

A European Commission has recommended that dental amalgam use end and be phased out over the next 5 years. Dental amalgam is made of a number of metals and includes mercury, a known neurotoxin.This commission has been tasked with reducing mercury exposure for EU citizens. Sweden banned mercury fillings a few years ago. Denmark, Finland,… Read More »