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Sleepy Truckers More Prevalent Than You Think

Sleep apnea in the trucking industry is not a secret but what is surprising is just how prevalent the problem is. The recent issue of the journal Sleep published a study that showed 41% of the truck drivers in Australia have obstructive sleep apnea. Less than 5% of the drivers said they had previously been… Read More »

Sleep Apnea Raises Depression Risk

Patients with obstructive sleep apnea have an increased risk for major depression according to a CDC survey. Both men and women appear to have this elevated risk. But while the risk for men was doubled, women in the survey showed a fivefold increase in risk for depression. Snoring by itself did not raise the risk… Read More »

Healthy Mouth Linked to Healthy What?

Healthy mouth equals healthy colon? Looks like it just might be true. Poor oral health has been linked to lots of diseases that happen in other parts of the body. Lets add colon cancer to the list that already contains heart disease, diabetes, pregnancy complications and others. March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and two… Read More »

The Case Of The Cracked Tooth

A cracked tooth can sometimes be hard to diagnose. Some cracks are too small to show up on x-rays and sometimes the cracks can be below the gum line. Cracked teeth can be caused by an accident, using your teeth as tools (get a pair of pliers) but most often cracks are caused by grinding… Read More »

Do You Have Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is one of the most common sleep disorders but 2/3 of all sufferers are undiagnosed. How do you know if you have sleep apnea? Let’s try answering a few simple questions: Did you feel groggy when you woke up this morning? How about the mornings before that? Has your bed partner complained about… Read More »

Dental Anxiety Is Real

“Dental anxiety is very real and complex and it should never be downplayed.” according to Dr. Avanti Karve from the University of Sydney. But who among us is more likely to experience fear of dental appointments? According to a study underway in Australia it looks like women in their 40’s are likely to be the… Read More »

What The Heck Is TMJ?

“What the heck is TMJ anyway?” There’s lots of talk about TMJ but many people don’t know what the letters mean. They actually stand for temporomandibular joint also known as the jaw joint. This joint is the most complex joint in our body and because the jaw muscles are so incredibly strong it is also… Read More »

Inflammation Linked to Poor Health

Inflammation is bad for your body – period. Gum disease is a common form of the inflammation that has been linked to diabetes, obesity and heart disease which kill millions of Americans each year. Even major insurance companies are beginning to view the mouth as part of the body and understand that healthy gums can… Read More »

Sleep Apnea Treatment Important

Many people think that obstructive sleep apnea is only loud snoring and that treating the disorder isn’t that important. Wrong – obstructive sleep apnea causes the stoppage of breathing during sleep which results in oxygen levels dropping dangerously low. The effects of obstructive sleep apnea include: Headaches Depression Weight gain Inflammation and chronic pain Nighttime… Read More »

Can We Stop Mouth Lesions Before They Become Cancer?

Lesions that form in the mouth may or may not become malignant over time. Even so, most lesions are removed surgically before they have a chance to become cancerous. Almost one-third of patients with cancerous oral lesions that were surgically removed will have a recurrence. Not something that anyone wants to look forward to. Researchers… Read More »

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