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Losing A Tooth? Dental Implants Can Replace It

Losing a tooth when you are a child is exciting. It means you are growing up and you get bonus money under your pillow! Losing a tooth as an adult can be very upsetting. Teeth can be lost for many reasons including accidents, oral disease and infection many of which are out of our control.… Read More »

Preventable Infections Cause 1 of 6 Cancer Deaths

Researchers recently reported that one in every six deaths from cancer worldwide is caused by a preventable infection and that vaccination programs could save about 1.5 million people per year. The majority of these cancer cases are caused by three viruses and a bacterium which cause liver, cervical and stomach cancers. The HPV or human… Read More »

Straight Teeth Give A Better Impression

According to a study conducted by Kelton Research people with straight teeth are perceived to be more successful and smarter than those with a crooked smile. The study contrasted images of men and women with straight and crooked teeth and was taken by over 1,000 people. The study participants were shown images of people with… Read More »

Could Sleep Apnea Be Linked To Depression?

Yes, it seems that sleep apnea and depression do have a link. A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has associated obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) with major depression. There was no link shown between snoring and depression. Dr. Anne Wheaton, the lead author of the study said “Snorting, gasping or stopping breathing… Read More »

Dental X-Rays – What You Need To Know

Many years ago people didn’t think twice about x-rays. Some shoe stores even x-rayed people’s feet as a fitting gimmick. We know a lot more now about the dangers of radiation and so we try to reduce our exposure as much as possible. A study published  this week linked frequent dental x-rays with a type… Read More »

Smokeless Tobacco Less Harmful?

Once people figured out that smoking really was bad for your health some switched to smokeless tobacco thinking it would be less harmful. Wrong – any type of tobacco use exposes the user to cancer causing agents — we’ve known this for a while. What is news is that scientists have isolated a chemical from… Read More »

Your Smile In 3-D

How can we look at images of your smile in 3-D? Easy, using cutting edge technologycalled the I-CAT Cone Beam Imaging System. It is a special type of x-ray machine we use in situations where regular dental x-rays will not give us sufficient information. This technology enables dentists to view life-like 3-D images of bone… Read More »

Chocolate Bunny Ears May Be Smile Savers

Sounds too good to be true – chocolate bunny ears (actually all chocolate) is good for your smile. So go ahead and bite the ears off that chocolate bunny. Your dentist will be happy  that you are eating chocolate, especially dark chocolate.  Chocolate and cocoa (which chocolate is made from) offer a host of health… Read More »

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